Thursday, September 2, 2010

daddy.pappa.big man.father.pops.eríc.daddio.padre.

A month ago today, we celebrated my dear ol' dad's 51st Birthday! We enjoyed being in Florida & madre made a delicious steak dinner and boy was that Baskin Robbin's chocolate ice cream cake a hit! I am a big "daddy's girl" and love him because...

He talks more than anyone I know, but also is a great listener.
He has an outstanding memory.
He makes a fantastic driver/adult leader at Youth Conference.

He gives valuable advice.
He is the funniest person I know.
He is a wonderful husband to my mom & an even better dad to us.
No matter how many people he has to climb over, he insists on sitting next to my mom at church.

He makes this really obnoxious kissy noise when people smooch in movies.
He takes us on awesome vacations.

He has funny catch phrases that he says everyday."ha' a goo' one" is my favorite.
He is obsessed with Creed, from The Office.
He is an expert when it comes to the metro & is a fantastic person to commute with.
He is such a dedicated patch, pin, challenge coin, and badge collector.
his fave part of Spain? 3 hours at the police station.

He would always sign up to be a chaperone for all of my elementary & middle school field trips. I wish I had some pictures, but here's one of Grant's trips to the pumpkin patch. 
He is so adorable when it comes to his sweat towel, which becomes his best friend in the hot summer.
He lets us pick out our own little surprises at the grocery store.
He is a wonderful person to shop with.
He is very supportive with all of our accomplishments.
He is honest and kind.
He sets a great example for us to follow.
He can be so gangsta & makes a great Rick Ross when a music video needs it.
He is a comfy shoulder for us to lean on.
He can throw together an excellent fiesta.
He is so precious with his man crushes. 
 His favorite song is Hotel California.
He comes up with fitting nicknames for random people, like flat face, our neighbor.
He has a really good spanish accent, lisp, and can roll his "R"s.
He is a genius.