Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's a Girl! well hopefully...otherwise he better love pink

Our neighbors are quite the adorable family: mom, dad, son, and cat. They are so kind & I was thrilled when she announced that their family would grow by one and that she's due with a baby girl in August. Today we celebrated & gathered for a sweet baby shower. 

I couldn't think of a more capable and deserving family for this baby gal. Their son, James, is an awesome kid to watch while his parents are out & jump on the trampoline with-he's going to make a fantastic big brother! Anyway the shower went really well. Madre prepared DELICIOUS extra thick fudgey brownies that had pink frosting galore and her famous lemon squares. expertise. Another kind neighbor & my mom planned and threw the shower for Katie.

There were also these really cute little cakes spread through the table that were so dainty and perfect, you didn't want to take a bite.Gifts were oh so pink & beautiful, I cannot wait for this child! oops I mean baby. My mom is a sewing pro and has ever since I was a toddler made these colorful baby blankets & coordinating burp cloths for every expecting mom she knows. 

She sews piping along with this ultra silky edging, after given the color preference to be used. I love the one she made this time, soft yellow & pink edging and similar pink theme for the cloths. After presents and cold lemonade, we began indulging in the tasty treats and I couldn't help admiring all the beautiful artwork the hostess' house had. She's an artist, but I didn't know to what extent. 
Here's some of her work:
Accompanying her masterpieces were the coolest souvenirs from all over the globe. I took myself on a little tour...
A little watermelon salesman from Nicaragua in the kitchen. slightly similar characteristics to Luigi.

The most beautiful little kettles and jewelry containers I've ever seen from China.

I haven't seen a doorstop like this at Ikea..

This tapestry is made of thin, colored strands of string.the entire thing, when you look closely.Nicaragua.

The necklace wall. some from Germany, China, Nicaragua, and many more countries I can't remember. who wouldn't want that face hanging from your neck?

Its funny how I've been living yards away from this house with intricate decorations for the past 16 years, literally right in front of my nose, and hadn't the slightest clue. I guess some things are even more beautiful and wonderful when discovered, and not obviously displayed.

enchanting afternoon.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Megan Elizabeth Livingston

This chica is absolutely amazing in every way & more. There are so many things that I appreciate and love about her, especially during her birthday season-

she is such an energetic dancer & sure knows how to throw a dance party!

she is an awesome person to travel & explore with

 she has a sensational sense of style & is such a beauty!

she makes a fantastic roommate
she provides excellent photo opportunities
she has a fantastic taste in music

she is an inspiring leader & does service with a smile

she appreciates delicious food & makes the best chocolate chip cookies!

R + M forever

Megasus is such a great amiga to me & I'm so blessed to know such a spunky, funny, and kind chica!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Nautical Adventure

This weekend my friends and I ventured to Jack Johnson's To The Sea concert. It was AMAZING! The evening was full of energetic music and entertaining fellow JJ fans. These two people stood right in front of us about half way through the concert and at first I thought how rude! However, we soon learned what a hip fantastic dancer the girl was. We couldn't resist doing our best imitation and were experts at swaying our Shakira hips and tossing our hair all over the place. She was great, it really made our night. Of course there was Jack-he was marvelous. I love the beachy vibe and Hawaiian melody he strings his guitar to. It was really something else to pull into the venue and see classy tailgaters blasting some of my favorite songs of his. The opening bands were quite talented as well, there was ALO and G.Love. My friends Megan & Dillion met up with us & when they got the JJ tour tees they met G.Love and he signed them! It was a splendid concert performance and now I can get more familiar with his new albulm, To The Sea.

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing for Jack

almost here!

love the nautical tees, printed on organic cotton!

sea creatures on the loose 
the man on the strings