Thursday, March 24, 2011

IDR reflections banquet

The Indoor Distance Running winter season has officially ended & tonight was our reflections banquet. Our league ate dinner together while we saw a picture slideshow of some highlights from the season. Afterwards, a few coaches and athletes said a few words about how much they enjoyed the season and how much they’ve improved as a runner. Then awards were given out. All of the coaches stood together and announced the recipients for the three awards: “Most Improved Runner”, “Runner of the Year”, and “Spirit of Ricks.” For each of the awards, one was given to a girl and one to a boy. I was surprised and humbled when my name was announced for earning the “Most Improved Runner” award. I thanked all of the coaches and the athletic director. 

Inevitably, I started reflecting on the season that I thoroughly enjoyed. Our first practice was rough & I felt like a rusty runner who was completely out of practice. However, I started putting in more effort and started to really enjoy the  practices and meets. I loved our weekly friday night team dinners and the support that I had from my coach. Through improving my meet times and endurance, I learned a lot about myself & became a stronger runner. But most of all, I’m so glad I became involved in IDR because I met Majken. She’s such a wonderful person who inspires me daily. We cheered each other through difficult practices and exhausting meets. Maj is naturally a really positive and upbeat person & we enjoy so many laugh attacks. Once one of us starts cracking up, it cannot be stopped. 
I’m so thankful I became involved in IDR this semester. I was able to improve my physical strength & make some great friends. I love setting goals, setting personal records, and improving through hard work.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

sadie hawkins dance!

A few days ago, I asked my friend Andrew to the sadie hawkins dance. I washed out a Jones soda bottle & filled it with goldfish. I attached a note that said “Of all the fishes in the sea, will you go to Sadies with me?” How could anyone say no to goldfish, right? 
Tonight we went to pizza pie cafe for dinner, then headed to the dance. It was really fun & I loved spending the night my dear friends that were in our group. The ballroom was decorated to a circus theme and I especially loved the cotton candy and the balloons galore.
 It was a delightful event.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Family....isn't it about time?

For the past week, my right ankle has been injured.It somehow got hyperextended or sprained during one of our IDR practices. While I was stretching one day at practice, I noticed how badly swollen my ankle was. It’s HUGE compared to my left ankle. I went to the trainer & they were unsure of what it was-most likely a stress fracture. I didn’t want to make it any worse, so I cheered on my team and sat out this week’s track meet. 

After the meet, Majken and I rode down to UT together. I was going down to spend the weekend with my extended family. My cousin Bennion just came home from his mission to Brazil & I wanted to hear his homecoming talk. Majken was going to hear her friends’ mission farewell talk. One missionary leaving into the field and one returning from serving. 

When we arrived in Ogden, I met up with my second cousin, Chaleste. I dropped my things off at their house & we went to a Pampered Chef party with some of her coworkers. I didn’t know what to expect, I can’t say I’ve ever been to one before. It was enjoyable. I liked all the samples of food that showed off the pampered chef tools. Yummy brownie bites & spicy salsa. 
I really wanted to get a few things at Costco & her parents were so kind to take me. It had been too long since I had some of my favorite snack, Pirate’s Booty. I miss Costco dearly. Their fruit is always so delicious. 

After grocery shopping, we made a quick run to KFC for dinner. They forgot the missionaries were coming over for dinner & what a perfect “home cooked” meal than some fried chicken. We had a lovely dinner. The Bennions are such a humble, kind, and hospitable family. 
Chaleste, her fiance, and I drove to Honeyville after dinner. Up until that point, I didn’t know or realize how much fun she is to spend time with. It was about half an hour drive and we enjoyed every minute by having a dance party. I love people that can scream songs to the top of their lungs and just go crazy. The alpine hot springs was worth the drive & felt so relaxing. It felt so wonderful on my stress fracture, the heat was the perfect comfort. I love hot tubs.
Chaleste & I went to my other relatives’ home ward to hear my cousin Bennion’s homecoming talk. I love hearing about mission experiences and see how much people change in those 2 years. It was a wonderful testimony of our restored gospel. Afterwards, I saw my Uncle Mark and Aunt Margaret (Bennion’s parents). It had been way too long since I saw their family-5 years to be exact. Bennion has changed so much & everyone looks so much older. My Uncle said I was so cute when he saw me. Precious. 
There was a delicious luncheon at their house after church, where I saw more family on my mom’s side. My Aunt Ines, uncle Dave, and their five boys drove all the way from Oregon. Oh how fast boys grow up! It was so wonderful seeing them & having the ability to catch up with so much of my family. It made me only miss my parents and brothers even more than I already was. 
I especially enjoyed spending time with my cousins Bowen and Maxwell, who are Bennion’s brothers. Bowen is extreamly talented at basketball and Maxwell reminded me of how energetic Grant is. 
I loved seeing so much of my extended family and catching up with my cousins. I only wish that my mom’s siblings lived closer to us on the East coast:( 
In the picture in the upper left corner-my Aunt Ines is the one in the purple shirt & my Aunt Margaret is white, second last from the right. In the picture in the upper right corner, Bowen is the cousin who is taller than me & Maxwell is the cutie in the yellow jersey.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

goodbye igloo

Jan 15, 2011-March 10, 2011.
Today our beloved winter friend, the igloofinally gave its last breath. We’ve enjoyed it since January 15th, the day we began creating our masterpiece. It has provided shelter, an excellent protection from snowball fights, and simply a fun place to chill. It helped my roommates and I bond, when we spent a night sleeping in its icy walls. I have never endured such a freezing cold night of interrupted sleep, but how many people can say they slept in an igloo?!? cricket.yeah.I thought so...Plus it was so easy to tell people which dorm we’re in, it’s the one right near the igloo! But nope, can’t say that anymore:( I guess the fact that it melted is a good thing, a sign that it’s finally warming up here! But still...I wish I could hold unto it for just a bit longer. Only the good die young. You will be missed, frosty friend.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

thai & latin dance

Last night the roomies & I went out to a thai restaurant for dinner. It was delicious! It reminded me of when my friend Ariana and I enjoyed pad thai one evening after I was finished at the Archives in DC. Such great memories in such a great city….Anyways, this thai restaurant was quite tasty & it was really wonderful going out for dinner as roommates. I enjoyed chow mein and loved trying a sample of the different dinners from everyone’s plate. Emily & I shared fried ice cream for dessert. I was surprised by how scrumptious it was! I only wish there was a yummy greek restaurant, chipotle, and chick-fil-a around...

From embracing thai cuisine, we went to a latin dance party at an apartment lounge. I got my salsa on & we all had a great time trying to tango. I love exploring diverse cultures and trying something different, this time, a style of dance.