Saturday, January 29, 2011

we are SPARTA.

Last night after some racquetball, we had a team dinner for our first competition today. Gotta love carbohydrates. Forget sleeping in on a Saturday morning, I was up at 6:50 for my 8am race. I ran the mile against other "B" women runners. How it works is the IDR group is divided into several smaller teams that practice together. Our team is the smallest, but I enjoy running with a smaller group. Last week during one of our practices, we ran a timed mile & I ran my best mile time ever! I love personal records. Today I beat it by 11 seconds. 7:22. I'm working my way to hopefully a 6 miler by the end of the season. My spikes are beast. My assistant coaches' advice earlier this week was, "leave everything on the track." After I reached the finish line, I really felt like I had. When trying to walk around to cool down didn't work, I literally collapsed on the carpet outside of the track. My lungs felt so awful & had a burning sensation. Thankfully, after a few minutes, I was able to cheer on my coach in her race. Once all the runners finished, they read our times & overall ranking of each team. The 1st place team lead everyone on a victory cool down lap. The entire meet was over by 9:30, it was wonderful to go back to bed for awhile. It was an excellent meet to start out the season. Not sure how well next week's 2 mile race will go...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In my American Foundations class, we've been taking about the Declaration of Independence. My teacher loves to show us entertaining you tube videos & various clips. Today we watched part of a movie, filmed like a broadway musical that shows days leading up to July 4th, called 1776. I knew right away I recognized the actor of John Adams. Its Mr.Feeny from Boy Meets World! I guess most people know him as William Daniels. This was my favorite show for so many years. I remember on countless school nights I would fall asleep watching Topanga & Cory being so loving. I thought to myself,"I want to marry someone just like Cory Matthews." 
Tight curls + adorable personality=Ideal husband. Thank you disney channel, and later abc family, for providing so much humor & enjoyment in my life.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

feliz cumpleaños madre.

Today is my mom's Birthday! She always makes everyone's such a celebration, I hope hers is too! My aunt wanted to do something special for the occasion & we figured out a flawless game plan and kidnapping strategy. Yesterday, she took the birthday queen out to get a manicure & pedicure-something she never does & a chipotle lunch celebration. I'm glad the nursery kiddos sang to her. I honestly don't know anyone who isn't in love with her. She's so kind, generous, and selfless. 
A few of the many things I love & appreciate about her:

-She is such a babe.effortless.

-I've only been away for three weeks & already have received 4 packages.2 more on their way.

-She plans the best family vacations

-She is such a babe.effortless.

-My friends adore my mom

-She makes beautiful baby blankets & burp cloths for numberless newborns

-She served her mission in Japan

-She made such a gorgeous Spanish police officer with my Dad for Halloween
-She's the reason I ran the Susan G. Komen race for the cure several times, in Washington D.C.
-I love all the many, sweet texts she sends me everyday, especially the "good morning, I love you" & the daily "good night, I love you, scriptures & prayers!"
-She makes delicious mint brownies & throughout my childhood we've been the speedy doorbell-ditch deliverers.
-She can start up a conversation with anyone & everyone
-She cooks such delicious salmon, it's my favorite dinner ever. I miss it.
-Even though she knows I'm a few inches taller, she still tries to look like the same height in pictures together & stands on her tippy toes.
-I love her fashion sense & obsession with Ralph Lauren.timeless.

-The morning after my friends sleepover, she makes us delicious crêpes with fresh fruit.
-I was so lucky to go with her & Grant to Japan and China on a class trip, after being in Japanese immersion for 6 years


I mostly love my mom the most for who she is & for shaping the person I am today.

Happy Happy Birthday mommy, I love you!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grant Tyler

It feels so strange missing out on a family members' birthday, I've never missed one. I miss the excitement of the day itself, enjoying the delicious BR ice cream cake, and all the celebrations. My little brother, Grant, turns 7 today!! I remember how ecstatic & happy I was walking into the hospital room & meeting the newest member of our family. I was in seventh grade and really wanted a younger sister. Since the new sibling was again a boy, my mom let me choose his middle name. Grant Tyler, I think that has a nice ring to it:) Its awesome having a younger brother that you can watch grow up right before your eyes. Grant is so adorable & I love all the cute things he says. When I talked to him today, I asked if he brought treats to school to share with his class. He said his teacher lets the birthday kid bring in their favorite book to be shared, instead of treats. have you ever heard of such a thing? Then Grant got really excited in telling me she's retiring soon & his new teacher is hot.haha I love this kid. I love that we went to Japan & China together when he was just a few months old. I adore his stuffed panda bear that has already been on so many family vacations with us, Tai Shan really enjoyed Spain.

Happy Birthday Grant, I love you!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"your just probably not adjusted to the altitude yet." yeah, let's go with that.

Today was my first indoor distance running practice.oh boy.I haven't been on a competitive running team in hmm 4 years. I was a sprinter then & enjoyed running really fast for a few hundred meters instead of running distance. I went to an interested meeting last week & it sounded like something I should get involved in & enjoy. There are several different coaches that all run at different times throughout the week, which is great because I can't make most of the other coach's practices. 

For the group that I go running with on Tuesdays, its only the coach, assistant coach,  another runner, and I. At first, I was running strong in the front, but once we started jogging on hard snow & slippery ice-it was hard to keep up. We usually run about 5 miles every practice, I get to explore the off-campus side of town. Its a bit chilly, today was 15°~which is considered a warm day. Hopefully in a week or so, I'll get better adjusted to running on thin ice, cold weather, and develop a stronger endurance. Bright side, we did a few short sprints-and I beat the other runner every time. Once we got back to the fitness center on campus, we did some gut buster ab workouts. Can't wait to rest & repeat tomorrow. 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

i is for igloo

big red suitcase: $37
space bags to cram in all my stuff: $25
checking in two suitcases: $55(thanks dad)
flying out to college: amex points
first grocery shopping trip: $77.75
second grocery run: $91.60
black sharpie to initial all my stuff: $1.15
gym clothes: $22.90
textbooks: $117
two loads of laundry: $2
first semester's rent: $927
night slept in an igloo bonding with my roomates-priceless.

I came home from my english class on friday to find my roomates starting to lay the foundation of an igloo right outside our apartment. brilliant idea. We used our trash bins to make the building bricks of snow to make the enormous igloo. I figure, you might as well enjoy the snow! A few layers were finished by friday night & we made a bunch of bricks to start off with for saturday. On Saturday, around 2, Kiana, Dex, and I started the project up again & worked ALL day. Blasting glee soundtracks, jack johnson, fun, and a few other artists helped keep our energy up. Eventually, we took a lunch break & that revived our determination & it was starting to really come together! 

Making the first arch for the doorway was a bit challenging, but soon enough it became really strong. The hardest part was making the major arch across the two sides across. We tried holding the bricks together & somehow putting in the keystone-instead of packing the snow in first. Disaster. Around this time, numerous people were walking by, being amazed by the huge creation & one of them asked if we needed any help(YES) and he ended up helping us until we finished. After the major arch, the rest was a lot easier. We created the second, big arch going in the other direction and just had to fill in the skylights. By midnight, we had finished the enormous igloo! Perfect time for some hot cocoa & grabbing our snuggies, pillows, and comforters for our first night in the igloo. What an adventure. I'm glad we had the crazy idea to camp out in the ice box, but boy was it chilly! Waking up from a restless sleep didn't feel too great, but thats what naps are for:) 

Next step:create mailbox for our second mini home & get a super long extension cord. Good thing is, it won't melt anytime soon! I have a newfound respect for eskimos and a greater appreciation for mattresses & heat.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

sugar sunday

The second we came home from church, we made chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious & get gobbled up so quickly. Kiana & I like making them really small, so there's lots more for us to enjoy. yummy. I think this is becoming a sunday tradition.
 After the cookie delight, I went to the allreds' for dinner. Fluffy waffles, bacon, and tangy fruit for a tasty brinner. I was sent home with more waffles that I discovered are the best after popping out of the toaster. 

Don't you just love sundays?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

BYU-I baby!

The next morning, Monday, I enjoyed delicious squash pancakes-there's a first for everything:) Tamina is a supermom. literally. She's a type of person that would give you the shirt off her back, but this time it was a gallon of milk on the table for breakfast. She sent me off to my first day of college with a big box-filled with essentials I hadn't thought. I was ready to move-in with fresh whole wheat rolls, butter, cereal, laundry detergent, plates, bowls, dishwasher soap, toothpaste, and a few frozen meals. AND not to mention an organizer of silverware & measuring cups. Weight was lifted from my shoulders & I felt much more excited about starting school. Her daughter, Kristie, made the several trips from the car to the apartment to unpack everything with me.

After awhile of unpacking, I met my 3 roommates & their parents. We are great friends & have a blast together. Kiana is my roomate. She's from California, an artist, excellent cookie baker, guitar player, and loves grapefruit. We bond in the kitchen while making delicious chocolate chip cookies. One of our first days getting to know each other, we were talking about cheeseburgers & she said,"I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but there's this really good hamburger place in CA, its called in-n-out." I sarcastically reply,"oh really? never heard of it. sounds tasty." haha who hasn't heard of that famous burger place? Kiana is an awesome roomie & I'm grateful for all her talents-videos to come..

In the other bedroom next to ours, there's Emily & Katherine. Emily is from Colorado & has lovely parents. After we unpacked most of our stuff, they treated us to Taco Bell for lunch. Katherine, likes to go by Dexter & is from Wyoming. We get along really well & is so easy to talk to. She makes delicious crock pot dinners, I always smell the aroma & go to the kitchen to see what yummy meal she's cooking away. 

The first two days there was an orientation for all new students called Get Connected. After lunch & more unpacking, our i-team leaders came & told us the schedule for the rest of Monday & Tuesday. We played get-to-know-you games with our group & enjoyed a bbq. That night, there was an amazing talent show. One guy had a huge yo-yo & others sang beautiful songs. 

Tuesday we got our i-cards(student ID) & some books from the bookstore. That night, there was the I-Night Extravaganza which was a total BLAST! We played musical chairs, lazer tagging, sumo wrestling, and went to the dance. Emily and I sumo wrestled against each other & I am proud to say I was ze champion. It was more difficult than I thought, the suit is huge and must weigh 5 pounds. Afterwards, we went to the dance which was really fun. I bumped into a former sister missionary who served in my ward & a guy from efy way back when. I slept excitedly, just hours before my first day of COLLEGE! 

The day started early, my first class started at 7:45am. I love it here. My teachers actually want to be here & help us succeed. Everyone is so genuinely kind & friendly. I've seen a lot of friends from my stake, it seems like such a small world. I'm really enjoying  running in the new BYU-I Center.  Its an awesome building & it was really exciting going there for devotional. I like my student ward, but at the same time really miss going to church with my family. I miss the screaming babies & little primary kids. So far, I've been preparing all of my meals, I haven't eaten at the cafeteria yet. Its a new experience going grocery shopping & initialing all my stuff. We moved one of our living room couches into the kitchen, perfect spot. I went to an indoor distance running meeting, practice starts on Tuesday. I also went to a pre-med society meeting. I was one of four girls, there were so many guys. College is grand.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

feasting & first flight from the nest

My last day of work was Thursday, last lesson with my primary class on Sunday, and my last day in VA was yesterday. Just a few hours after the tasty new years' breakfast, my friend Audrey & I went for breakfast at ihop. delicioso. An hour or so after some packing, and my family & I go out for lunch at Outback. We love that place.


My best friends, Maura & Trianne were so kind to come & help me pack up. After awhile of space bagging, my family & I were headed off to a scrumptious dinner at the copans'. We all thought we couldn't be hungry after our outback outing, but boy were we wrong! They always cook such insanely delectable dinners, her rolls are so buttery & melt right in your mouth! 

My selfless amigas came over again & we tackled the job until 1am. It was a bittersweet parting, I'm going to miss these chicas enormously! I sort of accidentally crashed on the couch & two hours later my dad woke me up. Somehow I scrambled & put together the rest of my things and we left for the airport. 6am flights are the best. When we weighed one of my big suitcases to be checked in, it was 18 lbs. over! We frantically started taking out things & somehow after a few attempts, got it to 50.5! Now thats what I call an effective diet! haha what had happened was that by using space bags for all my clothes, I was able to pack more in my suitcase & didn't realize how heavy everything was getting. After we checked in the two big suitcases, we made our way to the terminal. It was the strangest feeling when we got to the point that you had to have a ticket to go further. All of the sudden it hit me that my parents had to go back home without me. We said our last goodbyes, hugs, and kisses, and I uncomfortably headed to the escalator. My mom & I took turns shouting "I love You" just as they became blurry & out of sight. I almost felt like a kid again, like a first day of preschool & you realize mom's not there for snack time. She was so kind to pack me lots of my favorite snacks for the plane & I called as soon as I made it to the gate, waiting to board. We called each other loads that day, especially between every flight. After 3 connecting flights & only getting on the wrong plane once, I made it to Idaho Falls! There shouldn't be two cities so close in name: Twin Falls & Idaho Falls. Who came up with that? 

One of Hunter's former companions from his mission, Ryan, and his sister were so kind to pick me up from the airport. I couldn't help but chuckle at how tiny IDA is. I met up with them & said all I needed to do was find where baggage claim was. I was given a funny look & realized directly to our left was it, the one baggage carousel. For an entire airport! Needless to say, it was a small task finding my luggage. The Allreds are the most humble, loving, generous, and caring family I've ever met! One of the daughters gave her room to me for the night & I immediately felt their kindness & love. I enjoyed a nice dinner with their family & even came along on a few cookie deliveries, which reminded me of my mom so much. We planned how tomorrow morning would go & a good nights' rest hit the spot.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

two oh wun wun

Happy New Year!
 Its crazy to think 2010 is already over! So many great things have happened & can't help but feel somehow attached to this year. Looking back, these have been some of my favorite things from this year-

Surviving "snowmageddon" & enjoying an extra week off from school without having to make it up. Best senior year ever.

Traveling to Virginia beach, Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, UT, and ID-where I toured my future campus

Embracing the Dark Knight in me, just have to work on the flying part

Helping with Clark's eagle project

Dancing my heart out at mo-prom

Graduating HS, WHOO!

Rexford's graduation from elementary school

Becoming a seminary graduate

Turning the big 18

 MGMT concert

Strengthening great, unforgettable friendships

Began my job at the National Archives

wisdom teeth extraction & fully appreciating laughing gas

I LOVED being involved with Youth Conference & going with daddio

Jack Johnson concert

hunter coming home

enjoying a fantastic christmas.

AND in a few days I'll be starting college!

2010 is going to be hard to top, but I'll try anyway.

Sipping delicious martinelli's sparkling apple cider was a fantastic celebration to the new year. Yummy belgium waffles for breakfast right after? Don't mind if I do:)

bring it on 2011!