Monday, February 28, 2011

victory race, sleepover, and sammy's

There's nothing more rewarding than a delightful weekend after a busy school week. On Friday, after my roommates & I came back from grocery shopping, we started our party hop. The first party was fun; pizza, kit-kats, and the game “what if…” Everyone gets in a circle and writes a “what if…” question. (i.e. what if you turned into a monkey tomorrow?) All of the random questions are collected and re-distributed. On the back of the slip of paper, you write down the answer to the “what if” question you received. Once again, the papers get collected & passed out among the group. The game starts when someone reads the question on their paper & the person next to them answers the question with the reply they have on their paper. So the reply to “what if you turned into a monkey tomorrow?” could be “I would laugh forever, then cry.” (The reply being completely unrelated to the question & an answer to a different question.) Fun game, lots of laughs. After awhile, we decided to hop over to our next party.

Two girls in our dorm complex were having a birthday party in our lobby, Christa & Jenny. There were lots of elaborate decorations & treats. One of the goodies that I tried was insanely tasty; it had mini marshmallows, chocolate, and some sort of crispy morsel to it. Delicious. It’s like a s’more without the grahams & fire. I enjoyed chatting with friends in our building & meeting some new people. It was a delightful birthday celebration.

After the birthday love, our friend Ryan came over to play card games. He helped us build the IGLOO, we couldn’t have done it without his height and strength! He brought over dorito chips & spicy salsa as a midnight snack. Kyra, Dexter, and I were so exhausted after playing a few rounds that the uncontrollable laughter started. I laugh at anything when I’m extremely sleepy. It’s embarrassing. Afterwards, I brought my stuff to Kyra’s. She’s an awesome friend of mine & we stayed up talking until 3am. Loved it, but not the smartest decision-considering I had to wake up a few hours later & race at 8am.

Somehow I managed to make it to the track and had enough time to warm up before I raced the mile. On Thursday we ran a timed mile during our practice & I tried something new. One mile on our indoor track is 5 ½ laps around and I can get weary by the 4th lap. So I started thinking about a different brother on every lap, since I have five hermanos. The first lap I think of what an intense basketball player Hunter is. On the last lap, Grant’s adorable seven-year-old charm keeps me running strong. The last .5 of the lap, I give it all I have-a final sprint. By using this thought process, the mile seemed much shorter and I got my best ever mile time!! 7:11 and I know next time I can get sub seven. Compared to the LAST mile I raced, I felt much stronger & the race seemed to go by faster. Our team did really well-Rachael, my coach, also got a PR and so did Majken. After all the scores were announced, I said that our team needed to have a victory breakfast the next day.

Later in the evening, my roommates, Kyra, and I walked over to Sammy’s. It’s a wonderful sort of diner place that’s famous for their delicious pie shakes & cupcake shakes. They put a slice of pie into every pie shake, making it so difficult to decide which flavor to get. I enjoyed an oreo chocolate cream pie shake & it was outrageously tasty. Connected to the diner part of Sammy’s, there’s a stage and music concert performance area. Several music groups perform there weekly & who doesn’t love enjoying nice music while sippin’ on a delightful dessert? I love Sammy’s!

Afterwards, Ryan came over and brought everything to make froot loop rice crispy treats. Yummy! It brought back to mind several memories of my mom & I making these sticky treats in the kitchen together. We brought the dessert into the lobby & munched on it while we watched ROBOTS on the big flat screen. Cute movie, but I fell asleep half way through. I feel so old, that I can’t make it through a children’s animation film without falling into some much-needed sleep.

Kyra & I aren’t in the same student ward, but coincidentally the weekend that I stayed with her was stake conference. We’re both in the BYU-Idaho 1st stake. how perfect. It was fun getting ready for church together & a good indicator because we’re thinking of becoming roommates next semesterJ  Members of our new stake presidency each shared their testimonies with us & it was an insightful conference. After church, I began making waffles for my team’s victory waffle celebration. Majken, Rachael, and Cameron all came & enjoyed the blissful brunch. I really like that our team is small enough that we plan & enjoy team dinners and gatherings. For the rest of the evening, I spent more time with Kyra and prepared for the school week ahead.

The best thing about Sunday was when Emily came home, she had been in UT for the weekend! I came outside to help bring her things in & to my surprise she led me to a parked car. I was really confused because I thought she had gotten a ride back up, but she didn’t need one. Her parents had driven her car from Colorado to Utah, where she met up with them for the weekend. YAY, a CAR!! Not that I don’t fully enjoy doing reps with my gallon of milk on the way back to our dorms…but I became really joyful when I realized no more lugging groceries home. Of course, I was also really ecstatic to have Emmy back! We get along really well, she’s my favorite roomie and we miss each other lots when either one of us goes out of town:)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

wedding and reunion.

This week has been absolutely the busiest and chaotic thus far. I didn't realize how stressful and time restraining college would be, but somehow I survived! Personal Narrative? check. American Foundations paper & power point project? check. Math exam? check. Skeletal Lab Exam? check. Math group project? check. American Foundations exam? check. Anatomy & Physiology lecture quiz? check. I've learned what not to procrastinate & how to take one day at a time. It just seems like there's so much to get accomplished throughout the day, that it seems like two. From when I wake up(7:15 7:30) to 5pm is day one & from 5pm to when I finally get to bed(12:30 1:00 2:00am) is another day. Plus when fhe, devotional, my tutor group twice a week, and track practice every day-it gets a bit crazy. You get the point, I don't mean to be a complainer-but its just a lot to juggle.

Anyways, it only made me more excited & thrilled for our three day weekend-thanks to President’s Day! My cousin Henry was getting married on Saturday & I made plans a few weeks ago to attend. I haven’t seen the other Boodys, my Uncle Rob and his family for the longest time & I was really looking forward to seeing them. I also got really eager and thrilled to see some of my close friends who go to BYU in Provo. I secretly talked with Megan’s roommate & also a great friend of mine, Alissa. Her family recently moved to Utah & she was planning on going there over the weekend, so it was perfect. I had a place to stay & would be Meg’s roomie for the long weekend-whoo! And Megan had no idea, boy was going to be shocked.

After my last exam for the week, it was time to leave for UT! I tried to be a responsible adult & I even made a detailed packing list and everything. But as always, it’s a chaotic scramble at the very last minute to get everything to fit in my weekend duffle. The five hour drive was beautiful. The snowy mountains in Pocatello are a gorgeous sight & they got even better once we crossed into Utah. I love the way the tops of the snowcaps harmonize with the sky.  I loved when we drove through downtown Salt Lake City, there were so many brilliant shops & beautiful buildings. On our way to Provo, we had to make a donut run at Banbury Cross. Strawberry glazed. Delicious. And oh so savory.

When we arrived in Provo, I met up with a relative of mine. Christine’s dad & my dad are cousins, so I think that makes us second cousins once removed or something. She was so kind to let me crash on Friday night. I dropped my things off at her house & admired the vintage décor. One of her roommates was away, so I took over her room. I was anxious to surprise Megan and see my friends, so Christine dropped me off at the dorms on campus. Alissa sneaked out of their dorm room & their RA helped us with our plot. She made up a story about their smoke detector being defective, while I was hiding to the side. After a minute of Megan being a bit suspicious, I jumped into their room & the excitement began. We were both screaming & jumping with happiness. She was so astonished and I was so thrilled to reunite with one of my best friends. 
After the shock initially wore off, I thought we should do the same thing to another great friend of ours, Courtney. We stopped by her room, but she wasn’t there. Meg sent her a text asking if she stop by & borrow her hot glue gun. Court said sure and a few minutes later there was a knock at their door. I panicked & hid under Megan’s bed, squished next to storage containers. She spoiled our plan with being so kind & had brought the zebra printed glue gun. I was sure she had spotted me and I came out of my hiding spot & greeted Courtney. Not the ideal reaction I would’ve liked, but it was great to see her!

Awhile after catching up, we went out to Café Rio for dinner. I had heard of this tasty Mexican restaurant & wanted to try it out. It was delicious!! I love chipotle, it’s my favorite place to eat at and their burritos are the best! But Café Rio cannot even be compared, it has a completely different flavor. I ordered a steak salad & was entranced by its taste. Their tortillas are homemade & make the salad.  I’m so glad they are opening up a few new locations in VA! After the delicious dinner, I went back to Christine’s owl house. She made yummy chocolate cookies & I saw some photographs she was editing from a photo shoot. She photographed the engagement pictures for Henry, and his fiancé, Lily.  They are so beautiful. I was excited for more timeless photographs at their wedding the next morning.

Christine made me a delicious egg sandwich for breakfast & we left for the wedding. It was raining and we got a bit lost, but we made it just in time to see the bride and groom! They are so adorable together. I got to see my Uncle & boody cousins. It felt fantastic to be able to catch up, since the last time I saw them was quite a few years ago. Henry & Lily were just glowing and they couldn't stop smiling. Ah wedding bliss. Christine took plenty of photographs of all the family, just his, then just hers. It was so precious. I can't wait to see all the pictures from the lovely day. 

 Before going to their reception, Christine & I had a craving for a churro. Naturally, we went to Costco. I also bought a huge bag of waffle mix, clementines, and a pack of healthy choice frozen dinners. I desperately wish there was a Costco close to campus, that place is the best. 

The reception was held at the Velour, in downtown provo. The atmosphere was upbeat, but also tranquil. There were many guests, the majority surrounding the food tables. It's always so hard to choose what desserts to indulge in, so why not try all. There were seven trifles, so naturally I made a trifle of some of the different trifles. The oreo cookie crumb & chocolate pudding definitely made my top three, up there with the strawberries n' creme. I loved all the Beatles songs that the band Timber played, as well as their band's music. It was so cute, Henry got up on stage and sang a special song for Lily with the band. adorable. 
After the fantastic reception, I moved into my dorm room for the weekend. Megan and I caught up for a bit and another one of our great friends, Audrey came over. We all then went to Courtney's room and hung out. My friend Will & I then met up to go running. Utah is significantly warmer and has nicer weather than Idaho, so it felt great to run outside. Towards the end of our 5 1/2 mile run, it started to snow. I should be completely acquainted with this, but it was awful. My eyes got so irritated, but at least we were almost back to campus. We were soaked, but at least had finished running strong! I managed to dry off before our girls' night in at Courtney's friend, Dana's house. We enjoyed delicious cookies & popcorn while we watched "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers." I can't believe I hadn't seen it before, it was such a great movie! It was a wonderful evening. 

After going to church with Megan, we were both exhausted. We finished our Café Rio leftovers & enjoyed our 2 1/2 hour sunday nap. It was much needed & felt rejuvenating. Afterwards, we invited Court over for a jumping photo shoot. priceless.

Court, Meg, Will, Isa, and I ate breakfast together at the cannon center. Breakfast foods are my absolute favorite, it was delicious! I stopped by Audrey's apartment to say goodbye & poor thing twisted her ankle:( I was so thrilled I could spend time with her over the weekend, she's hilarious and I miss spending time with her. Megan & I had a sentimental dance party right before I packed up. I miss our dance parties together & this one was especially delightful. 

The drive back seemed much shorter & I was was looking forward to my return. My roommates were happy to see me and I was glad to be back home. Back to the reality of freezing weather and Anatomy & Physiology lectures:) 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

one in 8 million.

Can you believe 8 million people live in New York? Just a tad bit crowded. The other day, my english teacher showed us this website and we watched this video. I love watching all of the different stories & becoming captivated by what vastly diverse personalities and characters one city can contain. Its always fascinating to look through a different perspective and getting a fresh taste on something.anything. Today, try on a different pair of shoes & see the world in a new way.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

wonderful waffles.

I think the only other person who completely understands how much I LOVE waffles is my madre. She would kindly make them on mornings that I needed to be bribed to hop out of bed. They fueled my 5:30am grogginess and helped me be happier about my busy day ahead. With that being said, last week I bought a waffle maker!! What is better than a fresh waffle? nothing. It is such a delightful treat to enjoy on lazy weekend mornings early afternoons. They are perfect to pop in the toaster for those late-to-class-and-running-out-the-door early mornings & sure make a yummy brinner! Every college student should get one, it's at the top of my "favorite things" list. This is what fuels my late nights studying. As I type up mundane assignments, sometimes my eyes imagine this. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

¡Feliz día de San Valentín!

I didn't make valentines quite as splendid as these, but did send a few out to my family & a few dear friends. And much to my surprise, I got two in the mail today! I love snail mail. There's such joy in sending a letter for the recipient to enjoy it & the excitement of getting a letter back-ah the anticipation. 

For fhe, we all came together at another apartment where we made tasty mini pizzas & my apartment made delicious sugar cookies with classic pink strawberry frosting that we brought over. YUM. 
I love all the notes, candy, flowers, and chocolate that Valentine's encompasses. It reminds me of how great I love so many, but what few times I remember to express it. 
I hope you have a happy valentine's day!!


P.S.I LOVE that it got up to 40° today!! Hip-hip-hooray for weather in the positives!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

un mes.

My Dad reminded me that I've been away at college for exactly a month today. It was strange flying by myself & leaving VA behind. It still feels a bit strange. Its weird wanting to call this place home, but not feeling like it really is...

Things I miss dearly about home-
our neighborhood & lovely neighbors that maxima is king.
the oakton ward
my queen sized bed
the city
the metro
mom's dinners.boy I miss the savory salmon & rice she makes.AND our quesadilla feasts.
my primary class
our trampoline & hammock
mom's mint chocolate chip brownies.mouth watering.
watching TV & movies with the family
chipotle.big time.
the sun, warmth in general.
the beach
costco pizza
my best friends
visible grass
the bike path
basketball games
little kids
visiting teaching
Grant's cuteness

New things I really love here-
the beauty of fresh snow
getting lost
my giraffe bedding
chocolate chip cookies.right off the pan.
snail mail
having a temple on campus
my spikes
Lie To Me & 30 Rock, just started watching.
super warm coats
tupperware, I have not appreciated it so much until now
getting packages
losing count of my parent's voicemails.
honey nut spins
running in negative temperatures on hard snow & thin ice
the library
our home teachers
making fluffy pancakes before my morning classes
clean dishes
my desk
my FHE family & our fun activities
devotional every tuesday afternoon.the new BYU-I center is wonderful!
doing laundry
learning to use north, south, east, and west.
preparing meals
our igloo
writing personal narratives for english
the tutoring Biology tutor is a genius and a half.
the fitness center
the fact that Five Guys gets their potatoes from here to make their delicious french fries, only the best for the best.