Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Year's resolutions UPDATE

wow. I'm quite far behind with blogging about my life lately. SO many things have happened in the past few months...I really wouldn't even know where to start. Here's an 6 months ago from today, I made a list of goals for the year 2012.(see here).Here's an update to how my ambitions and goals have turned out thus far:
 1.      Blog more. (obviously) oops.
2.      Run a half marathon in progress...
3.      Develop better study habits DONE!! all A's right now, yeah baby!! hoping to ace finals.
4.      Read more great books thats what summer's for, right?
5.      Get into the nursing program!! haven't applied yet.
6.      Become more organized not really. I forget/misplace everything.
7.      Go on a road trip to CALIFORNIA! DONE!!
8.      Volunteer & give back to the community not as much as I'd like to, but I just helped with a gardening service project!
9.      Create & keep a workout plan KINDA. I go to the gym & burn cals. what else do you want from me?
10.  Spend more time with my lovely mother DONE!! (and in progress:)
11.  Make plans to study abroad my savings account is currently too busy having fun.
12.  Become a “morning person” ha.ha.ha. like that one was every possible. my yummy green monster smoothies help me be happy at 7am.
13.  Keep a journal of grand adventures YES!! a little behind, but what's new?
14.  Hike Rim2Rim again in 12 hours I'm planning on hiking it in november!!
15.  Attend ALL my 7:45am classes…we’ll see about this one. I actually have!! wierd.
16.  Eat real, nutritious foods YEP!! lots of fruits & veggies. be proud mamma:)
17.  Go snowboarding KINDA. I went night skiing for the first time instead of attempting to snowboard.
18.  Become better at letter-writing EH. give me a few days
19.  Learn how to ballroom dance DONE!! my dance class even had a competition too, so booyah
20.  Develop a habit of scripture study every night IN PROGRESS. My Docterine & Covenants class has been awesome, so thats helped:)
There's still exactly 6 months until 2013, so I still have some time to check-off more of these resolutions. I've never really been great at making & keeping goals, but I've been more committed this time around. And it should also be noted that I went cold turkey off sweets/treats for AN ENTIRE MONTH!! My close friend and roommate Hannah has been inspiring and motivating when it comes to making daily, weekly, and monthly goals. I want to start making a bucket list of things I want to do sometime in my life. What are some of the goals you have made & been successful with?