Thursday, November 15, 2012

bucket list

It was really slooow at work today & I made a bucket list! Lately I’ve been doing some really fun and adventurous activities...namely hot air ballooning, hiking the Grand Canyon, and running 30 miles. Promise to blog about each soon:) I’ve been blessed with these opportunities and am lucky that I’m not in school right now so I have time to play hooky. I thought it would be fun to make a rough draft list of all the many things and places I want to see, experience, enjoy, and love. Announcing the rough draft:

Bungee Jumping
Learn a new language
Be in NYC for New Years’ (and get a kiss for the new year)
Run a legit 26.2 mile marathon
Read all of the Harry Potter books. I’m on Order of the Pheonix & its my 1st time reading them! gasp, I know:)
Backpack across Europe
Graduate from college
Help with a doctors without borders or other humanitarian project
Get Lasik eye surgery
Become a nurse
Serve a full-time mission
Run Rim2Rim 
Study abroad
Be an EFY counselor
Host a foreign exchange student
Invent a new cookie flavor
Hike Subway
Travel to Thailand, New Zealand, India, Australia, Paris, and Italy
Fall in love & get married in the Temple
Change someone’s life
Spend an entire day at the spa, probably after a triathalon or something
Get a dog
Remain pen-pals with close friends through all my life
Become involved with a non-profit organization
Have twins-name them Olive & Oliver (one boy & one girl)
Road trip round two with Hunter
Live in a big city with Hannah Jane
Sky diving
Help deliver a baby

Have a lovely Thursday eve!

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